I.S. Machine lubricants

I.S. Machine lubricants

An ISO 220-compliant synthetic lubricant that provides excellent quality at high temperatures
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Mold lubricants

Mold lubricants

Mineral oil-based material, designed to increase thermal stability, cleanliness, service life, and reduce the smell of sulfur material
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About company

OOO "Glasslub Premier" is a supplier of lubricants and coatings used in the manufacture of glass containers. We offer a wide range of products from TOTAL, Certincoat, and Arkema.

Our company offers a full range of lubricants for hot and cold surfaces of glass containers, as well as separating agents, from the lubrication of shear blades to cold end coatings of such brands as Biosol, Kleenmold, Ring dope E, Glassflow and Kleenoil, Tegoglass. All products are manufactured in accordance with strict quality control rules. Permission documents for import to the territory of the CU of the EAEU were obtained: certificates of state registration, declarations of conformity.

Our partners are the largest glass container factories in the Russian Federation.

OOO "Glasslub Premier" - a name that stands for quality, efficiency and warranty.

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